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Team Novak Strength

Team Novak is a multi-divisional firm that provides innovative solutions through combining technology and process-engineering tools and best practices. Team Novak serves a diverse client community, including commercial concerns, US Department of Defense (DOD), US non-DOD government agencies, education, healthcare, and insurance.

What we Do?

You can look into few areas where Team Novak provides many solutions to streamline operations and increase productivity and overall efficiency.

Business Solution

The Business Solutions division of Team Novak provides proven program management and expert consulting services—in the area of process improvement—to a diverse field of clients. Our support is custom designed to help our clients achieve maximum results from their process improvement programs.

Construction Sector

Team Novak has been providing solutions to the construction industry since decades. We maintain strategic alliances with CPA firms specializing in the construction industry, bonding companies, attorneys, construction schools and industry associations to be of further help to our customers.

Property Management

Team Novak offers fully integrated property management accounting software pickage. It is designed for use with the state of art SQL database technology to provide ease of use and complete flexibility. Team Novak software is ODBC compliant and is based on a total open architecture.

Information Technology

Team Novak combines front-end (client) and back-end (server) components to provide end-to-end solutions. Employing 'Component-based' development, maximizing reuse of code, we reduce IT cost significantly, and improve efficiency—we affect the bottom-line, and quantifiably.

Education Division

Team Novak products provide timesaving management, administrative processes, and information retrieval at the school and school district level. Your IT and administrative costs are significantly reduced due school districts application software via the ASP (Application Service Provider) Model.

Aerospace Division

The Aerospace Division is dedicated to providing the highest quality aviation support services to our customers. Areas of expertise include supply chain management, aircraft maintenance process improvement, technical data management, Base Operating Support, and light manufacture of ground support.

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