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We at Team Novak specializes in developing and customizing software applications to fit any business need, including web-based, Internet-ready, legacy system integration and more.

Providing your organization access to mission-critical and decision-making information is what Team Novak is all about. There are countless methods for getting data into a computer system. The problem is retrieving it—enabling the user to easily identify and retrieve information, regardless of where it is stored or its format, and presenting the information in the user’s desired format and application—that is the real challenge.

Access to information coupled with well defined and deployed lean processes provides for increased productivity, increased efficiency, and significant improvements to the bottom-line.

You can look into few areas where Team Novak provides many solutions to streamline operations and increase productivity and overall efficiency.

How We Do It?

“Our Vision is to become the recognized leader for providing superior technology-based solutions for increasing organizations’ efficiency, productivity, and bottom line; while providing the environment for us to develop and grow Team Novak’s reputation for excellence, integrity and professionalism; and delivering advanced technical and business innovations to Team Novak’s clients.

Our Vision is to develop a reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Team Novak conducts business based on ethical standards and values that recognize:

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Why should you buy a Wand massager right now!

If you’re a sex enthusiast like me, I’m sure you’ve pondered upon this question. Whether or not to buy a wand massager here or just go for those vibrators. Wand massagers aren’t your usual everyday vibrators, nor are they insertables like dildos, so the confusion is somewhat understandable.

Funnily enough, when Hitachi first launched its wand massagers, it was never marketed as a sex toy. In the 60s, it barely saw a few sales as a massager. However, when the Sex and the City movie rolled out, popularising the concept of this wand as a personal toy, the popularity sky-rocketed. Every other household wanted to get their hands on this marvelous invention.

Since the 70s, the wand massagers have been the go-to product for every woman irrespective of age or background. In 2022 even when you’ve over 100 different types of sex toys, each promising you a different level of pleasure, how is it that wand massagers still reign the top shelves?

Let me give you 5 top points on why wands have been the best sex toys for over 5 decades.

Wand massagers are effective and do the job. Period.

Would you complain if I give you a product that does its job perfectly well without any hassles? Guess not. The wand massagers you see out there are incredibly efficient in giving women the earth-shattering orgasms they deserve.

Wands are known for their intense vibrations. The Hitachi wand vibrators especially are packed with powerful motors that deliver rumbly vibrations. Most women have reported using 2-3 layers of clothing to wrap the wand’s head before pleasuring their clit. This allows the vibrations to diffuse a bit. This is in direct contrast to conventional vibrators, which are reportedly pretty weak.

So want something to do the job every time you demand it? Wand massagers are the way to go.

Wand sex toys do NOT look like sex toys.

You’d be surprised to know that over 70% of women who buy a wand massager report that their main reason for purchase is their discreet nature. None of the Hitachi wand toys, be it their Original Magic Wand or the Magic Wand Plus, markets themselves as sex toys. They claim to be an innocent “massage device” meant for sore muscles.

To the unsuspecting eye, it looks like a regular massage device that could soothe back muscles or relieve shoulder aches. However, only the naughty mind of the buyer would know the hidden reason for the purchase.

Looking for a perfect sex toy as a couple? Wand vibrators are here for you.

You won’t find another sex toy that pleases you in your solo sessions and when you’re enjoying yourself with your partner. Most vibrators and sex toys are meant for only solo uses and can barely be used in foreplay sessions. But the wand vibrators are beasts everywhere. You can ask your partner to hold it over your clit for you as he is busy with the intercourse or just use it to spice up your foreplay. However you use it, you shall be satisfied every time.

Also, many times using oversized dildos during sex can give the males some silly “size issues,” hurting their confidence. Therefore, using a wand as a clitoral stimulator certainly saves for such awkward scenarios.

Wand vibrators come in all shapes and sizes.

If you ever walk into the territory of wand vibrators, you will surely be spoilt for choices. Nowadays, innumerable toys are out there offering incredible combinations and intensities of vibrations. So even if you buy a random wand massager, the chances of you getting bored of it are close to zero.

Furthermore, wand sex toys such as the Satisfyer Wand-er comes with detachable heads. One can be used for stimulating the clitoris, while the other is explicitly meant for deeper stimulation of the G-Spot!

Wand Massagers are highly convenient.

I’m sure you have faced a number of scenarios where the batteries of your sex toy weren’t charged on time. Or maybe the charge ran out JUST before the climax. We would hate it, wouldn’t we?

With the massager wand, that is a thing of the past. Most Wand sex toys come with an electrical cord that you can simply plug into the socket. So you don’t have to worry about having your vibrator die out on you midway.

Some wand massagers, such as the Magic Wand Plus from Hitachi sold here are wand vibrators that come with a detachable cord. This way, you can plug it in and play with it in case the juice runs out during the act.

The conclusion

With these 5 golden points, I’m sure you’re convinced why wand vibrators are the reigning champions of the sex toy industry. It is no joke that this particular toy has been the crowd favorite for over 5 consecutive decades.

Now, if you’re still confused about whether to buy a wand vibrator or not, I’d say; Give it a shot. I’m sure you’ll realize what you were missing after using the wand just one time.