Please note that the NovaLink Software and Firmware for the Kinetic and M2 ESCs are different.
Software for the Kinetic Spec ESC will soon be available for download!
Don't have a NovaLink yet? You can download and "test drive" the NovaLink software from our [Downloads Page], where you will also find software and firmware updates.


The most current NovaLink software
can also be downloaded from the
Novak Web site.

In addition to Novak’s easy-to-use One-Touch™ on-board programming interface, the Kinetic Racing Brushless ESC™, Kinetic 1S Racing Brushless ESC™ and M2 Dig 3S Dual Brush ESC™ can be fine tuned via Novak’s fully adjustable PC interface, the NovaLink Programming Interface™ (#5440). The optional NovaLink provides users with expanded programming adjustability. It comprises a unique module that easily plugs into the speed control and an included USB cord. Using the integrated software disk, drivers can fine tune the ESC’s multiple parameters by inputting the desired values or using the user-friendly graphic controls. Additionally, each personalized set of parameters can be stored onto a PC to recall and use again later. These custom-made parameter sets can, in addition, be shared with other drivers. The NovaLink will also never be outdated due to the easy-to-download software updates available to NovaLink users on Novak’s web site. The NovaLink is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows® XP™ (32 bit), Windows Vista™ (32bit) and Windows 7 (32 & 64*bit). Please note that the Novalink is not compatible with any operating system not listed.

In addition to driver file sharing, Novak also plans to create a database of parameter settings for any racing condition or application. Simply, visit the Novak Web site and search for your specific condition or track; download the file and save it to your PC. This will give drivers a starting point when preparing for a race and tips on how properly to adjust the speed control's many parameters. Through Novak’s Profile Selection feature, users can save the parameter setting on their ESC.

The NovaLink offers expanded adjustability on a few of Kinetic's and Kinetic 1S's parameters. These profiles cannot be adjusted through the speed control's on-board programmability.

  • Fine-tune adjustment for Minimum Brake, Drag Brake, Dead Band and Minimum Drive profiles. These profiles can be minutely adjusted among the preset values featured on the ESC. (refer to screen shot A)
  • Personalization of the Throttle and Brake Curves (refer to screen shot B)
  • Fine-tune adjustment for the LiPo/LiFe Cut-Off Voltage value
  • Independent Drag Brake toggle
  • Graphical view of ESC and motor temperature sampling (refer to screen shot C)
  • Retrieval of transmitter endpoint values (refer to screen shot C)
  • Adjust Timing Ramp Up Step Points (refer to screen shot C)
  • Program the ESCs Current Limit to turn off after reaching 5000 RPM or higher with the Trip Point Option (refer to screen shot D)
  • Fine-tune adjustment for RPM Select, Applied Timing and Boost Delay (refer to screen shot F)
  • Ability to store and share settings. A secondary profile can be downloaded onto the ESC from the Novak Web site or fellow driver. The driver's main profile can still be adjusted via the speed control's on-board programming.
  • Ability to update the ESC's firmware in the field
  • Store notes related to the ESCs setup, like vehicle name, spur, pinion, motor, tire size and final drive ratio settings. (refer to screen shot E)
  • For first time NovaLink users, an auto-run installation is available. Install the NovaLink software on your PC faster and easier with Novak's newly implemented feature. No more files to add or remove manually! (refer to screen shot G)


A.) Main page of NovaLink interface, where racers can fine tune the Kinetic's and Kinetic 1S’s multiple parameters.
B.) Throttle curve interface, where drivers can customize their ESC's throttle curve.
C.) Temperature history interface, where drivers can review the temperature readings for multiple runs.
D.) Disable Current Limit
E.) Store Notes and Profiles
F.) Custom Timing Ramp Up
G.) Auto Run Installation

The NovaLink also offers expanded adjustability on some of the M2's parameters.

  • Drag / Hill Brake
  • Dig Power
  • Dead Band
  • Minimum Drive
  • Drive Frequency
  • Throttle Profile


Main page of NovaLink interface, where racers can fine tune the M2’s multiple parameters.

Kinetic Racing Brushless ESC™, Kinetic 1S Racing Brushless ESC™, NovaLink Programming Interface™ and M2 Dig 3S Dual Brush ESC™ are registered trademarks of Novak Electronics, Inc.®. XP™ and Vista™ are registered trademarks of Windows®

*64 Bit Compatibility is currently only available with NovaLink 1.4 for the Kinetic ESCs.

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