XRS Reversible Sport Speed Control

Although the XRS is priced inexpensively, this little reversible ESC is full of features normally found in higher-priced speed controls, such as One-Touch Set-Up, a low 15-turn Motor Limit, and a more effective Smart Braking feature known as Smart Braking II. The small size of the XRS is another draw for R/C enthusiasts.

Novak engineers have equipped the XRS with their latest achievement: a newer, more effective Smart Braking feature. The new Smart Braking II feature provides full braking power. With more controllable braking, R/C drivers now have a full range of braking without worrying about accidentally sending the vehicle into reverse. To engage reverse, the driver must return the throttle to the neutral position, then "shift" into reverse by returning the throttle toward the reverse/braking direction. This feature gives the driver more controlled take-offs in reverse, while being easier on the car's drive train. So whether you are just starting out in R/C, or are expertly maneuvering your vehicle down a challenging embankment, the XRS Reversible Sport Speed Control is a great choice at a great price.

Input Voltage: 4-6 cells NiMH (1.2V/cell) or 2S Li-Po when used with Novak's Smart-Stop Li-Po Module (#5470)
Footprint: 1.31” x 1.10” (3.33cm x 2.79cm)
Weight: 1.27 oz. (36.0 g)
Motor Limit: 15 turns (at 6 cells)
On-Resistance: 0.0055 ohms (Fwd/Rev)
Drive Frequency: 1000 Hz
Brake Frequency: 1000 Hz
Rated Current: 40 Amps (Fwd/Rev) @ 25°C MOSFET Temp.
Braking Current: 40 Amps (Fwd/Rev) @ 25°C MOSFET Temp.
B.E.C.: 1.0 amp @ 5 VDC
Motor Connector: Bullet
Battery Connector: Tamiya

One-Touch Set-Up
Smart Braking II
Radio-Priority Circuitry
Thermal Shutdown Protection Technology
Polar-Drive Circuitry

The XRS Sport Reversible ESC is the ideal ESC upgrade for
the following popular vehicles:
Associated RC10 B4 Stealth Buggy, RC10 T4 Team Truck, TC3 4WD On-Road Touring Car
HPI Sprint 4WD Touring Car, Dash 2WD Touring Car, RS4 MT Monster Truck, RS4 Pro 3, RS4 Pro 4
Hudy XRAY T1 Raycer, XRAY T1 EVO2
Losi XXX-T 2WD Off-Road Truck, XXX-S 4WD On-Road Touring Car
Tamiya TLT-1 Rock Buster, any XB series car
Traxxas Stampede 2WD Monster Truck, Rustler 2WD Stadium Truck, Bandit Buggy, 4-Tec 4WD Sedan

NOTE: The XRS is a sport reversible model and is pre-wired with the Tamiya-style battery plug and Bullet-style motor connectors. This Sport ESC is not intended for hard-wiring or different battery and motor connector types. The removal of factory-installed battery & motor connectors voids the product’s 120-day warranty. For applications that need hard-wiring or different plug types, we recommend the GTX or GTS.