The Ultimate Reversible Speed Control

Novak Electronics has just made driving a vehicle with reverse even more exhilarating than ever with their newest reversible speed control, the Super Rooster. Because the Super Rooster has No Motor Limit, drivers have access to full power, which enables the car to accelerate and reach top speed more quickly than other ESCs.

R/C enthusiasts in search of the ultimate reversible speed control will enjoy putting the Super Rooster to their own vigorous tests. This tough speed control was built to accommodate larger scale models, and also to withstand the most aggressive drivers. Because many reversible speed controls are damaged by drivers jamming their vehicle from full forward to full reverse, the Super Rooster is equipped with Smart Braking Circuitry. This feature allows the Super Rooster to sense when it is safe to go into reverse, which over time will extend the life of the ESC, motor and vehicle.

The Super Rooster also comes with Novak's exclusive Polar Drive Technology. This advanced circuitry allows the Super Rooster to handle hotter motors than conventional ESCs, while staying incredibly cool and minimizing radio noise. It also increases radio range, smoother throttle response, and longer run times.

A feature many drivers will appreciate on the Super Rooster is Reverse Disable, which prevents the speed control from going into reverse. This function is especially useful for use on racetracks that prohibit reverse. Drivers have the option of setting the Super Rooster, through Novak's easy One-Touch Set-Up button, to meet the needs of having a speed control with or without the fun of reverse.


Reverse Disable, when engaged, turns the Super Rooster into a forward-only ESC

Smart Braking Circuitry provides a safe transition from forward to reverse

One-Touch Set-Up allows quick and simple transmitter adjustment
Polar Drive Technology provides smooth running and increased radio range
No Motor Limit gives drivers access to full power
HYPERFET III Transistors deliver the highest performance of any reversible ESC in the industry
Thermal Overload Protection assures safety in the event of temperature overloads
Brake Light Circuitry gives added realism when used with the Brake Light LED kit (sold separately)
14-inch power wire and a 15-inch input harness included for large-scale vehicles