Click on photos below to see larger view of the Super Duty XR installed in the Traxxas E-Maxx and the Kyosho Twin Force.

Traxxas E-Maxx install
Traxxas E-Maxx install closeup
Kyosho Twin Force install
Kyosho Twin Force install closeup

Super Duty XR: Beefy, Rugged, Powerful & Tough!

Forget small and lightweight. Novak's Super Duty XR High-Voltage Reversible ESC is exactly what every monster truck and large-scale vehicle driver is looking for: a heavy-duty, high-voltage reversible ESC that delivers high performance and is built to last. This powerful, 100% digital microprocessor-controlled ESC easily handles 6-14 cells, which means dual 6 or 7-cell packs are easily accommodated. With a super-low On-Resistance of 0.0011ohms, a Rated Current of 400 amps, and a Braking Current of 180 amps, the Super Duty XR provides impressive performance and power.

Three throttle programs give drivers additional flexibility.

  • Program #1 is the default setting that allows forward, brake, and reverse functions.
  • Program #2 contains the Reverse Disable feature that allows drivers to turn the Super Duty XR into a forward-only ESC, a must for racing.
  • Program #3 is for marine use*. This mode allows forward, as well as 25% reverse and brakes.

The Super Duty XR is one of the most durable and highest performance ESCs available. With its much higher current-handling capability, heavy-duty 6 volt/3 amp BEC, and lower motor limit, the Super Duty XR is the perfect upgrade for the Traxxas E-Maxx’s EVX. With the same footprint and screw pattern as the EVX, the Super Duty XR easily bolts right into the Traxxas E-Maxx. Because the Super Duty XR is designed for large-scale vehicles, it is the ideal ESC to install in Kyosho’s Twin Force, Tamiya’s TXT-1 and Clodbuster, as well as any other 6-14 cell applications.

Built-in Thermal Overload Protection and strategically placed gaskets throughout the ESC make the Super Duty XR extremely dependable. While Thermal Overload Protection provides extra safety and protection against thermal overloads, gaskets around all the MOSFET openings, One-Touch Set-Up Button opening, and wire openings help provide added protection against dirt and water.

The Super Duty XR also comes equipped with Novak’s new Smart Braking II feature, which provides full braking power. Smart Braking II allows more controlled braking, which gives R/C drivers a full range of braking without worrying about accidentally sending the vehicle into reverse. To engage reverse, the driver must return the throttle to the neutral position, then “shift” into reverse by returning the throttle toward the reverse/braking direction. This feature gives the driver more controlled take-offs in reverse, while being easier on the car’s drive train. When expertly maneuvering a vehicle down a challenging embankment, Smart Braking II is one of those great subtle features that users won’t even be aware that they’re using, but wouldn’t want to be without!

Like the newly released GTX ESC, the Super Duty XR is built with six layers of gold-plated powerboards, which help increase its power-handling capabilities. Likewise, the low-resistance Direct Solder Wire Tabs are also gold-plated. When used with the included Novak Super-Flex silicone wire, not only are users assured of the lowest possible voltage drop, but also changing power wires, the switch harness, and the power capacitor is extremely easy. For added convenience, the Super Duty XR comes with a user-replaceable input harness. Another amenity is a 2-Pin Connector Slot for an optional 5-volt accessory fan (#5646 Power Boost ESC Fan Kit).

The Super Duty XR High-Voltage Reversible ESC is a heavy-duty, high-voltage reversible ESC that is designed for large-scale vehicles. It may be big and beefy, but the Super Duty XR ESC delivers high performance and is built to last!

*The Super Duty XR is not waterproof. Users must take steps to prevent water damage to the ESC.

Input Voltage: 6-14 cells (1.2 VDC/cell) [Forward/Braking/Reverse] or 2-4S Li-Po when used with Novak Smart-Stop Li-Po Module (#5470, #5471 or #5472)
Footprint: 1.75” x 2.17” (44.5 x 55.1mm)
Motor Limit
# Cells Single Motor Dual Motors in Parallel
6 cells (7.2 volts) None 10 Turn
10 cells (12 volts) None (550 Size Only) None (550 Size Only)
12 cells (14.4 volts) None (550 Size Only) 12 Turn (550 Size Only)
14 cells (16.8 volts) None (550 Size Only) 12 Turn (550 Size Only)
On-Resistance: 0.0011 ohms (Forward)
Rated Current: 400 Amps (Forward) @ 25°C MOSFET Temp.
Braking/Reverse Current: 180 Amps @ 25°C MOSFET Temp.
BEC: 6 Volts/ 3 Amps
Maximum Discrete Steps: 512 (256/Forward, 256/Reverse)
Motor/Battery Wire: 14 Gauge

100% Digital Microprocessor-controlled
3 Throttle Programs
Ideal for Dual Battery Packs
Gold-Plated PCB Direct-Solder Wire Tabs
Smart Braking II
Gasket Protection
Power Output for 5-Volt Accessory Fan (#5646)
Reverse Disable (Program #2)
25% Reverse & Brakes (Program #3)
User-replaceable Input Harness
One-Touch Set-Up
Radio-Priority Circuitry
Polar-Drive Circuitry
Thermal Overload Protection
Digital Anti-Glitch Circuitry