The Rooster, Novak Electronics' most popular reversible speed control, has been updated with four, new key features: Smart Braking Circuitry, Reverse Disable Circuitry, Polar Drive Technology and built-in Brake Light Circuitry.

The addition of Smart Braking, Reverse Disable and Polar Drive gives the Rooster a technological boost by fine-tuning various aspects of its performance capabilities. Brake Light Circuitry gives detail-oriented drivers the ability to give their vehicles a more realistic appearance when used in conjunction with Novak's Brake Light LED Kit (#5655), which is available separately. When the two, small red and black wires attached to the speed control interface with the brake light kit, they power two high-intensity LEDs whenever the vehicle goes into reverse.

Smart Braking is truly an intelligent feature which, over time, helps extend the life of the speed control. Because many reversible speed controls are unknowingly damaged by drivers jamming their vehicle from full forward to full reverse, Smart Braking Circuitry was created. Smart Braking slows the vehicle to a safe speed before engaging reverse, and consequently prevents damage to both the speed control and the vehicle's drive train.

Reverse Disable Circuitry allows the driver to disable the speed control's ability to go into reverse. Reverse Disable is easily implemented using Novak's One-Touch Set-Up button. Once set, the Rooster is transformed into a forward-only speed control — an ideal feature for those who race on tracks that prohibit vehicles with reverse.

Novak's exclusive Polar Drive Technology enables the Rooster to handle hotter motors than conventional speed controls, while staying incredibly cool. It also provides the smoothest throttle response and improved radio system performance. The addition of these significant modifications make using this speed control more fun than ever.


Smart Braking Circuitry provides a safe transition from forward to reverse

Reverse Disable, when engaged, turns the Rooster into a forward-only ESC

Polar Drive Technology provides smooth running and increased radio range
One-Touch Set-Up for quick and simple transmitter adjustment
Built-in Brake Light Circuitry gives added realism when used with Brake Light LED kit (sold separately)
Thermal Overload Protection in forward and reverse
Factory-installed Bullet and Tamiya style connectors for easy installation
Fully proportional control in forward and reverse
Radio Priority Circuitry ensures power keeps being sent to the receiver when batteries are running low