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The HV Pro's Throttle Curve gives drivers the ability to experiment with two throttle responses – Linear and Expo – which alters the power delivery to the throttle.
Installed above in a Traxxas E-Maxx, Novak's HV Pro ESC includes a Power-Boost Cooling Fan and black heat sinks.


The HV Pro High-Voltage Brushless ESC (#3221) is compatible with all four HV High-Voltage Brushless Motor with 5mm Shaft (#3524-3427).

Look no further for the perfect speed control to power monster trucks, it has arrived! The HV Pro High-Voltage Brushless ESC includes full programming and built-in Li-Po Cut-Off Circuitry*. The HV Pro ESC was specifically developed by Novak for R/C cars, and are ideal to power monster trucks -- such as the Traxxas® E-Maxx™, Traxxas® E-Revo™, Kyosho® Twin-Force™ and HPI® E-Savage™ -- converted electric 1/8-scale vehicles and vehicles with massive power needs.

HV Pro ESC can accommodate 6-14 Ni-Cd/Ni-MH cells (7.2-16.8 volts) or 2S-4S Li-Po and can be wired for dual or single battery packs. This high-power, reversible brushless speed control is also easy to install and operate. The HV Pro uses the same screw pattern as the Traxxas® E-Maxx™, Traxxas® E-Revo™, Kyosho® Twin-Force™ and HPI® E-Savage™, making it convenient to install, and it includes a Power-Boost ESC Cooling fan kit and factory-installed motor heat sink for superior cooling. In addition, the HV Pro High-Voltage Brushless ESC includes many of the same great features found in high-quality Novak ESCs, such as One-Touch Set-Up, Thermal Overload Protection, a powerful BEC, Polar Drive and Digital Anti-Glitch circuitries and Smart Braking II.

Novak has also done away with the external Li-Po module with the inclusion of the built-in, auto-detect Smart-Stop Li-Po Cut-Off Circuitry*. When active, the Cut-Off Circuitry automatically switches to the proper Li-Po cut-off voltage for the connected battery packs, preventing the batteries from going below the critical safety voltage level.

In addition, the ESC includes black heat sinks for better heat transferl and plenty of powerful MOSFETS. You won’t mistake this high-voltage system with any other!

In addition to full programmability, Novak’s HV Pro High-Voltage Brushless ESC has three throttle profiles – two with reverse and one with forward/brake. Each throttle profile has on-board programming for extreme versatility and unmatched customization for Minimum Brake, Drag Brake, Dead Band, Minimum Drive, Throttle Curve, Brake Frequency, Brake Disable, Motor Rotation and Li-Po Cut-Off. These programming features make operating an R/C car as easy as One-Touch set-up. Novak’s Throttle Curve adjustment allows drivers to tailor the throttle response, creating either a quick burst of power with the Linear Curve setting, or a smoother, controlled low-end power delivery with the Expo Curve setting.

The HV Pro ESC and motor contain Thermal Overload Protection circuitry to protect the system from overheating and damage. In fact, the ESC will only operate with the HV-Series or other brushless motors that have built-in thermal protection that follow ROAR guidelines. This sophisticated feature ensures a fun day at the track without the worry of overheating. For the complete list of compatible motors, click here.

For HV Pro High-Voltage Brushless ESC (#3221) can be factory wired to one of four HV High-Voltage Brushless Motors with 5mm Shafts (#3524-3527) to create the HV Pro Brushless System with 5mm Rotor (#3024-3027) -- for easy installation and ready to race straight out of the box.

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Three fully programmable throttle profiles (2 with reverse)
User-friendly interface and 4 different color status LEDs. User can fine-tune one parameter at a time without having to re-enter other parameters
Nine adjustable parameters: Minimum Brake (10 settings from 0-30%), Drag Brake (10 settings from 0-30%), Dead Band (5 settings from 2-6%), Minimum Drive (5 settings from 1-12%), Throttle Curve (Linear & Expo), Brake Frequency (7 settings from 1-8 kHz), Brake Disable, Motor Rotation and Li-Po Cut-Off
Easily bolts into the Traxxas® E-Maxx™, Traxxas® E-Revo™ and HPI® E-Savage™ trucks and also fits Kyosho® Twin-Force™.
Compatible with Novak HV Brushless Motors: HV-Series with 5mm Shaft (#3524-3527), HV-Series with 1/8" Shafts (#3424 & #3426) and original HV4400.
Dual-Battery Inputs -- No external receiver pack required when used with dual battery packs
Locked Rotor Detection Circuitry
Gold-Plated PCB Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs
User-Replaceable Input Harness (#5315)
User-replaceable Power Trans-Cap Module (#5684) for cooler operating temperatures
Includes Power-Boost ESC Cooling Black Fan kit (#5645)
Includes black ESC heat sink
100 percent Digital Microprocessor-Controlled
Built-in Smart-Stop Li-Po Cut-Off Circuitry* to monitor battery voltage level that automatically detects 2S, 3S or 4S Li-Po batteries
Novak’s Smart Braking II
Thermal Overload Protection
High-power BEC for strong and fast servo response
Radio-Priority Circuitry for ultimate control
Polar-Drive Circuitry
Digital Anti-Glitch Circuitry
One-Touch Set-Up for quick, easy transmitter setup
Designed and assembled by Novak in Irvine, Calif., using globally-sourced components
Input Voltage: 6-14 cells (1.2 volts/cell) or 2S-4S Li-Po cells
Footprint: 1.75” x 2.17” x 0.85”; (44.5 x 55.1 x 21.6 mm)
Weight (without wires): 4.76 oz. (135 g)
Throttle Programs: 3 (2 with reverse, 1 without)
Heavy-duty BEC 6 Volts/3 Amps
Rated Current: 400 Amps/phase @ 25°C MOSFET Temp.
On-Resistance: 0.0013 ohms per phase
Braking Current: 400 Amps/phase @ 25°C MOSFET Temp.
Power Motor/Battery Wire: 14-Gauge Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone
Motor Limit: any Novak sensor-based 550-size Brushless
Li-Po Cut-Off Voltage: 6.25V (2S), 9.375V (3S), 12.5V (4S)
*Novak's HV Pro ESC with serial numbers that begin with either" B1V" or "D1V" includes an external Smart-Stop 4-Cell Li-Po Cut-Off Module and has different programmability. For programming sheet for this version, click here.
Product features and specifications subject to change.
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