Getting an Elektric Start in R/C

Getting started in the R/C hobby doesn't have to empty your wallet. In order to give newcomers to the R/C hobby an affordable way to get started, as well as give mechanical speed control users the opportunity to make the switch to an electronic speed control at a reasonable price, Novak introduced the Elektra speed control.

Keeping R/C newcomers in mind, Novak made sure the Elektra contained all the essentials a newcomer to the hobby would need--all while retaining the Novak standards of excellence. Because most entry-level kits include stock motors such as Johnson or Mabuchi, the Elektra was designed to be compatible with these motors. However, don't let its entry-level label and low cost fool you--the Elektra is equipped with many of the same high-tech features that Novak's top-of-the-line speed controls such as the Cyclone series and Super Rooster have.

Like all Novak speed controls, the Elektra comes with the convenient One-Touch Set-Up feature, which allows quick and simple setup of the speed control to the transmitter by pressing the One-Touch button. Polar Drive Technology ensures circuits stay incredibly cool, even while handling hotter motors. It also smooths performance, increases acceleration, lengthens run times, and extends radio range. The Elektra also has Thermal Overload Protection, which shuts down the ESC when FETs become overheated, essentially preserving the speed control.

Perfect for entry-level users or as an upgrade from a mechanical speed control
One-Touch Set-Up for quick and simple transmitter adjustment
Polar Drive Technology to handle higher-powered motors while maintaining an incredibly cool temperature
Radio Priority Circuitry allows you to maintain control of your car even after the batteries have discharged
Thermal Overload Protection assures safety in the event of overloads by shutting down the ESC when FETs become overheated.
Digital Anti-Glitch Circuitry rejects signals read by the speed control from the receiver that are caused by radio interference
Factory-installed battery and motor connectors for added convenience
Input Voltage of 6 cells
Internal Schottky Diode
15-turn motor limit
150 amps of rated current
50 amps of braking current
On-resistance: 0.0055 ohms