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There's no doubt that the popularity of touring cars has been steadily growing. Eager to jump on the hot touring car track, Novak decided to convert their number one racing speed control, the Cyclone, into a touring car driver's dream...and hence, the Cyclone Touring Car Special Edition was born.

Loaded with all the great features of the recently updated Cyclone, the Cyclone TC is one small, but powerful speed control just raring to take on the touring car class.

Not only is the Cyclone TC fully programmable, but it also comes with three touring car-specific profiles, making it one formidable competitor. With its three factory-programmed profiles, it's like having three speed controls in one very small, light case.

Like its brother the Cyclone, the Cyclone TC's profiles are user-selectable and are easily accessed through Novak's convenient 1-Touch button. Users may choose from the following three profiles: World Cup, High Traction-Touring Car or Stock Touring Car. And of course for those wanting to create their very own profile, Novak's optional Pit Wizard (#1035) allows users to completely customize a profile to suit their preferences.

Cyclone users know that one of its many strengths is that it is a truly fully programmable speed control. While other speed controls are promoted as being programmable, more often than not, only a few of their operating parameters are changeable. However, with the Cyclone TC users are able to modify any or all of its operating parameters. With Novak's optional programming device, the Pit Wizard, the following parameters can be customized:

  • Neutral
  • Full Throttle
  • Full Brake
  • Dead Band
  • Drive PWM Frequency*
  • Minimum Drive Value
  • Brake PWM Frequency*
  • Drag Brake Frequency*
  • Drag Brake Value
  • Drag Brake Toggle (on/off)

*Adjustable from 122 Hz to 23,400 Hz.

Once the user has perfected a profile to his liking, it can be easily stored in the Cyclone's previously hidden fourth profile, ready to be accessed at any time. Because the Cyclone TC is compatible with the Pit Wizard, users are able to store up to 10 profiles! The following chart describes the Cyclone TC's factory-programmed profiles:

Measurement Units


Dead Band
Drive Frequency
Minimum Drive
Brake Frequency
1 WORLD CUP PROFILE* (default) 4.0 15.6 1.5 3.90
2 HIGH TRACTION-TOURING CAR 3.0 11.7 2.0 5.86
3 STOCK TOURING CAR 3.0 7.80 3.0 7.80
*Used by Joel Johnson at the '98 ISTC World Cup.

The Cyclone TC can also be purchased in a combo pack with the Pit Wizard (#1037) for a reduced list price. 

The following updates that were made to the original Cyclone are also features of the Cyclone TC:

Constant Force Braking: Typically, when an R/C car slows down, the brakes aren't as effective as when the car is traveling at a higher speed. Our new Constant Force Braking feature allows drivers to have effective braking power at all vehicle speeds. Definitely a plus for staying in control.

Ultra Smooth Throttle Response: Thanks to new circuitry, throttle response is even smoother than before.

Lower On-resistance: Most drivers know that the lower the On-resistance, the faster the speed control. Well...the Cyclone's On-resistance was reduced over 13% to 0.00058, which makes this already fast ESC even faster!

Input Voltage: The input voltage is 4-7 cells.

Novak Note: To ensure the highest efficiency and best protection for your Cyclone TC with the latest performance products available on the market, the external power capacitor that is included with the Cyclone TC MUST be used. Through continued testing, we have found that the combination of the external power capacitor and the built-in capacitor reduces motor wear and increases available voltage to the motor by 0.3V.

Fully programmable, all-digital microprocessor-based speed control
Three touring car-specific, factory-programmed profiles included
512 discrete steps for forward and brake provide the smoothest trigger response available
Extremely small size and weight
Highest available motor control frequency: up to 23,400 Hertz
Quickest response to change in transmitter signal
Adjustable minimum and drag brakes: 0-75%
HYPERF480 amps of rated currentET III transistors deliver the highest performance
160 amps of braking current
One-Touch Set-Up allows quick and simple ESC adjustment to the transmitter
Low-resistance Solder Posts for quick and clean installation of power wires
Radio Priority Circuitry allows you to maintain control of your car even after the batteries have discharged
Brake Light Circuitry and kit not included