SS4300 Racing Stock Brushless System

The Super Sport Stock Brushless Motor System includes a Super Sport Brushless speed control factory-wired to a SS4300 10 1/2 turn brushless motor, which provides performance similar to a 19-turn racing stock brushed motor. The SS4300 provides all of the advantages of the SS5800 Brushless Motor, but provides lower speeds for increased vehicle control for newer drivers, and longer run-times for those trying to get some valuable "practice" time on the track.

All Novak brushless motors are designed specifically for R/C car applications so they easily fit in popular 1/10 scale R/C cars. Expect to experience approximately 20% longer run times and higher performance with a brushed motor -- with virtually no maintenance. This is due to there being no brushes, brush springs, or commutator to true or wear out. All Novak motors incorporate sensor technology which allows excellent starting torque and low-speed driveability. The motors also provide low cogging for smooth acceleration and smooth coasting. Both the SS5800 8.5-turn and SS4300 10.5-turn motors feature direct-solder wiring tabs for easy wire replacement, and locked rotor and thermal protection to allow pack after pack to be run without fear of damaging the motor, battery, or speed control. The bottom line is you get more time to play with less time wrenching!

The Super Sport speed control has all the features expected from a Novak-designed ESC, and more. Six user-selectable throttle programs ensure that drivers of all skill levels will find a setting suitable for just about any application. The Super Sport ESC includes great Novak features such as a Transmitter Check Mode, which checks whether the transmitter has enough “throw” in the forward and brake directions; Locked Rotor Detection Circuitry, which prevents motor, battery, and ESC damage; and Variable Throttle Step Technology; which gives the ESC its incredibly smooth performance. Other standard features included are: One-Touch Set-Up, Radio Priority Circuitry, Thermal Protection, and Polar Drive Technology.

Comparable to a racing stock brushed motor
Ideal for newer drivers who need more "practice" time controlling their vehicle
Virtually maintenance-free: no brushes, brush springs, or commutator to true or wear out
Sensor technology provides excellent starting torque and continuous synchronization for great, low-speed driveability, vehicle control, and consistent, accurate brakes
Standard 540-size car motor with a 1/8" diameter hardened output shaft to accept all existing pinion gears
Pre-wired and ready to install
Low cogging for smooth acceleration and smooth coasting
Ball bearings for smooth, low-friction operation
Direct-solder wiring tabs for easy wire replacement
One-piece, multi-pole cylindrical neodymium magnet for high reliability, and stationary windings for better heat conduction over brushed motors
4-7 cell input voltage
6 user-selectable throttle programs:
  • SS STANDARD (forward/brake/reverse) — Unlimited rpm and acceleration
  • SS STANDARD (forward/brake) — Unlimited rpm and acceleration
  • SS HIGH (forward/brake/reverse) — SS STANDARD with higher minimum brake
  • SS HIGH (forward/brake) — SS STANDARD with higher minimum brake
  • SPORTSMAN (Limited rpm and acceleration) — with reverse
  • SPORTSMAN (Limited rpm and acceleration) — forward and brake only
Fits in popular 1/10 scale electric R/C cars
Size: 1.32" x 1.75" x 1.05" (w/heat sink); Weight: 1.7 oz. (w/out power wire)
Variable Throttle Step Technology for the smoothest performance
The One-Touch/Programming Button, along with a series of four different-colored LEDs, easily guides the user through the profile selection
Industry-first Transmitter Check Mode
Locked Rotor Detection Circuitry prevents motor, battery, or ESC damage
Direct-solder wiring tabs
Replaceable input harness
Heavy-duty BEC
One-Touch Set-Up

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