Mongoose Crawler Micro Brushless System





Crawling has taken on a new dimension, and Novak is following its lead with a pint-size counterpart to 1/10-scale crawling. Bred from the Goat Crawler Brushless System (#3019) but sized the same as the Mongoose Micro Systems (#3050 - #3052), Novak’s Mongoose Crawler Micro Brushless System – 18.5T (#3055) is the first micro sensor-based system specifically designed for 1/18-scale crawler vehicles. The fully-programmable Mongoose Crawler System includes all of the features found in the Goat System, such as  instant throttle response, super low-speed driveability and explosive torque, but also includes the ability to run on two or three-cell Li-Po batteries, which the speed control automatically detects through Novak’s auto detect software. Though the micro-sized system packs a lot of power, it fits perfectly in Losi’s® Mini Rock Crawler™, giving users the edge in crawling competitions.

The Mongoose Crawler Micro Brushless System -18.5T installed in a Losi® Mini Rock Crawler™.

The Mongoose Crawler’s powerful 18.5-turn motor scales over other brushed motors because of its massive start up and low-speed torque. The 380-sized motor features a sensor-based commutation design to ensure no hesitation before acceleration, and provides smooth braking and controlled delivery of power. It provides longer run times than any stock crawler brushed motor and is as powerful as any dual crawler-micro brushed motor setup. Additionally, the brushless motor includes a high-strength sintered rotor with a rugged 1/8” shaft for stronger motor braking power and improved performance in higher temperature conditions. And like all Novak motors, it is completely rebuildable, allowing for the ability to upgrade or replace various motor parts.

The modifiable programming doesn’t end there. The micro crawler also includes a fully-programmable interface that can be adjusted with Novak’s easy One-Touch™ button and four-colored status LEDs. Moreover, Novak has also built into the ESC a Li-Po Cut-Off Circuitry feature, which prevents the batteries from going below the critical safety voltage level and can be activated in all four throttle profiles. For further crawling opportunities, the built-in motor rotation direction can be modified in any of the three brushless profiles; Zero Reverse Delay is available in all profiles for instant power delivery in both forward and reverse when needed; and adjustable hill/drag brakes are active in profiles one and two, which use battery power to slow the vehicle to a wheel-locking stop.

The Mongoose Crawler ESC has also been outfitted with a rugged 6 volt / 2 amp BEC to provide powerful and precise steering while embarking on unsteady landscape, with no additional BEC to purchase or install.

The Mongoose Crawler offers a plethora of crawling opportunities that are simply unavailable in stock crawler brushed systems. The micro crawler ESC comprises four throttle profiles to fine tune any crawler’s preference.

  • Linear Crawler (profile #1) maintains standard motor response in forward/reverse, and features high-powered drag brakes.
  • Expo Crawler (profile #2) features the standard crawler profile but uses a built-in exponential curve for smoother response.
  • Servo/Robotic Mode (profile #3) features precise and symmetric motor control in forward and reverse for robot applications, but without the drag brake.
  • Brushed Mode (profile #4) is automatically selected when used with a brushed motor.

The Mongoose Crawler is designed for use with sensor-based Novak Three-80 Crawler Motors (18.5T minimum). Using a Novak Three-80 motor lower than 18.5T (#3450-3452) is acceptable, but the ESC will default to the Mongoose non-crawling default profile. Any motor used must have Thermal Overload Protection, which protects the system from overheating and damage. In fact, the ESC will only operate with brushless motors that have built-in thermal protection that follow ROAR guidelines. This sophisticated feature ensures a fun day at the track without the worry of overheating. For the complete list of compatible motors, click here.


Four user-selectable throttle profiles (3 brushless, 1 brushed) that feature Zero Reverse Delay

Fully programmable interface using Novak’s One-Touch™ button to adjust high-power Hill/Drag Brakes (in brushless crawler profiles), Minimum Drive and Deadband. Drive Frequency is adjustable in Brushed Mode only.

Built-in Motor Rotation Reversing (can be activated in brushless modes only)
Sensor-based technology for excellent low-speed driveability 
Water-resistant case
Thermal Overload Protection and Novak’s Radio-Priority Circuitry™
Oversized Front Bearing for extra durability and extended life
Aluminum ribbed end bells for additional cooling
Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs for flexible soldering options
Minimal Maintenance
Designed and assembled by Novak in Irvine, Calif., using globally-sourced components
Forward/Reverse: Forward, Hill/Drag Brake, Reverse
Input Voltage: 2-3 Li-Poly cells or 4-9 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd cells (1.2V/cell)
On-Resistance*: 0.0038 ohms per phase (brushless/brush)
Footprint: 1.15" x 0.95" (29 x 24.3 mm)
Weight: 3.31 oz. (93.7 grams)
Rated & Braking Current*: 40 amps per phase (brushless/brush)
Power Wires: 16-gauge
BEC: 6.0 volt / 2.0 amps
Motor Limit: 18.5-turn (brushless); 22-turn (brushed mode) [380-size or smaller motor]
Battery Plug: none
Motor Plug: 2 mm connectors
Voltage Cut-Off: 6.25 volts (2S), 9.38 (3S) [when Li-Poly Cut-Off Circuitry is enabled]
Turns: 18.5
Design: Sensor-based
Watts: 82
Kv (unloaded): 4,400 RPM/volt
Motor Size: 380 size: 1.02" D x 1.48" L (26 D x 37.7 L mm)
Shaft Diameter: 1/8" (3.2mm) [accepts all existing pinion gears]
Bearing Size: Oversized (1/2" x 3/16") Front; Standard Rear (7mm x 3mm)
#5210-#5212 Mod 0.5 Aluminum Pinion Gear Sets: 11T-19T (optional)

For Losi® Mini Rock Crawler™ use Mod 0.5: 15T

#5304 Input Plug Harness: Mini (optional)
#5509 16G Silicone Brushless Wire Set (replacement)
#5683 Power Trans-Cap Module – Mongoose (optional)
#5720 - #5723 Low-Loss Power Connectors (replacement)
#5915 Three-80 Sintered Rotor (replacement)
#5916 Three-80 Bearing and End Bell Kit (replacement)

*Transistor’s rating at 25 degrees C junction temperature.
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