Goat 2S Crawler
Brushless Systems - 18.5T & 21.5T

#3016 - 3019
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For a higher performance rotor, check out Novak's Crawling Sintered Tuning Rotor.
Big Squid RC:
March 19, 2008

"If Novak named the system Goat, meaning 'Greatest of all Time,' I think they were dead on. If you are thinking about getting into the new crawling trend, make sure this system is on your ‘must have’ list. You won’t be disappointed!

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Get to the Top with the Goat

Novak Goat 2S Crawler Brushless System installed in Losi's® 1/10-Scale Comp Crawler Race Roller™.

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As the R/C crawling segment gains popularity, the need for crawler-specific equipment has become greater. Novak is happy to fill the need with the Goat 2S Crawler Brushless System (#3016-#3019), Goat 2S Crawler Brushless/Brush ESC (#3219) and Crawler Sintered Brushless Motor (#3419/#3420). Novak has always felt that brushless technology is an ideal fit for crawling applications due to their instant throttle response, super low-speed drivability and explosive torque — the very features crawling enthusiasts look for.

As any crawler aficionado can tell you, crawler vehicles require precise movement control at very low speeds. That being said, it makes sense to use equipment specifically designed for this purpose. Enter Novak Electronics. One of the few, if not the only R/C manufacturer, who offer electronic products specifically designed for crawlers. The new sensor-based Crawler Brushless Motor and System are equipped with features that enable crawlers to climb over, maneuver through, and conquer the most challenging terrain.

#3219 Goat 2S Brushless/Brush ESC

The following four driving profiles make the Goat 2S a versatile speed control:

  • Standard Crawler maintains crawler motor response in both forward and reverse and features high-powered drag brakes.
  • Expo Crawler features the standard crawler profile but uses a built-in exponential curve for smoother response to accommodate entry-level transmitters.
  • Servo/Robotic Mode features precise and symmetric motor control in forward and reverse for robot applications, but without the drag brake.
  • Brushed Mode is automatically selected when used with a brushed motor. For use with brushed motors down to 27-turns.

And if multiple profiles weren’t enough, Novak’s software experts have designed the Goat 2S ESC with a Fully-Programmable Interface using Novak’s easy One-Touch button and four LEDs. The following parameters can be adjusted in all four driving profiles: Dead Band, Minimum Drive, and Hill/Drag Brakes (except Servo/Robotic Mode). The Drive Frequency can also be adjusted in the Brushed Mode. For further flexibility, the Li-Po Cutoff Circuitry can be activated in all of the throttle profiles, and Motor Rotation Direction can be activated in any of the three brushless profiles.

The Goat 2S ESC has also been outfitted with a rugged 6 volt / 5 amp BEC to provide powerful and precise steering while embarking on unsteady landscape, with no additional BEC to purchase or install. It also employs an exclusive active drag brake that uses battery power to slow the vehicle to a wheel-locking stop, reducing the vehicle’s tendency to slide or roll while traveling on steep grades.

Additional features of the Goat 2S ESC include Zero Reverse Delay for instant power delivery in both forward and reverse when needed; adjustable Active Hill/Drag Brakes that use battery power to slow the vehicle to a wheel-locking stop; and a Built-In 6-Volt Power Output for an optional cooling fan or detail items like lighting features or a winch.

Crawler Sintered Brushless Motor

The other half of the brushless system is Novak’s new Crawler Sintered Brushless Motor, with systems available in 18.5T (#3019) and 21.5T (#3016). This specially-designed brushless motor scales over other brushed motors because of its massive start up and low-speed torque, all without sacrificing speed. This eliminates the need to use 3-cell Li-Po packs like other out-runner motors, which adds unnecessary weight to the rig. Novak’s lightweight brushless system can tackle the most challenging terrain on 2-cell Li-Po packs.

Additional features of the Crawler Sintered Brushless Motor include sensor-based commutation for precise rotor position control; a high-performance sintered rotor for stronger motor braking power and improved performance in higher temperature conditions; an oversized front bearing for extra durability and extended life; ribbed aluminum end bells to reduce weight; and a solder tab system for flexible soldering options.

The Novak Goat 2S Crawler Brushless System (#3016 & #3019) includes everything that is needed for crawling straight out of the box. The Crawler Sintered Brushless Motor is factory-installed to the Goat 2S ESC making installation a breeze. Both the Goat 2S Crawler Brushless/Brush ESC (#3219) and Crawler Sintered Brushless Motors are also available separately.

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